How to Start a Successful Promotions Company

Starting a successful promotions company requires a combination of business acumen, an outgoing personality, and attention to detail. To get started, create a business plan that outlines your investment and start-up costs, the services offered, the client's strategy, and the projected revenues for the first two or three years of operation. Promotion is an important factor in the success of an event, whether it is a concert or a charity dinner. Promoting a book, club, or music group increases customer awareness and hopefully leads to increased sales and attendance. When starting a promotions company, it is important to identify the industries where you have contacts with media, celebrities, and insider information.

For example, a film promotion company would have some of the same contacts as a talent promotion company, while a book promotion company would not. In addition to movie, talent, and book promotions, consider promotions for music, clubs, parties, and special events. To get an edge on the competition, study existing promotional materials from companies in your customer base. Pay attention to the sweepstakes materials they use, the contests they run, and the sponsors that appear in their ads. If they attract a lot of negative attention and drama, this will reflect on your promotion team and discourage potential party-goers. Promotion is a tool that differentiates your business from your competitors through advertising and marketing techniques.

When setting up shop, create a welcoming reception area where you can talk about promotional campaigns with potential customers. A music promoter may have a face-to-face philosophy with bright colors, while an event promoter would do better with an exclusive look and a muted, sophisticated color scheme. Ice shows, circuses, theater companies: there are many promoters who produce extravaganzas that travel all over the country and even around the world. As a budding event promoter, you won't be able to rent a stadium and produce a giant concert with a famous rock band. However, you can focus on helping customers choose the right promotional materials for their target market and budget while leaving the real work to those with more experience in technology. To start an entertainment promotions company, establish relationships with industry vendors who will help you coordinate promotional campaigns.

Entertainment promotion companies cover a wide range of services including the development and distribution of marketing materials; acquisition and distribution of promotional awards; media coordination; ticket sales; event coordination; and guest appearances. Two men who promoted some of the most important concerts and bands of the hippie generation were Paul Allen and Bill Graham. Paul Allen started his own pool cleaning business before branching out into other businesses such as video production companies; mortgage brokerage agencies; home maintenance businesses; mail order companies; business consulting services; and more. When it comes to leveraging social media platforms to promote your company and engage with new target audiences there are several options available. Additionally, there is always a need for companies specializing in the design, manufacture, and distribution of promotional materials for other businesses.

Esther Woodcock
Esther Woodcock

Esther has been in Marketing field for 15 years