The Benefits of In-Store Promotions for Your Business

In-store promotions are a great way for manufacturers, merchants, and buyers to establish direct contact with customers. This personal connection is important because customers will remember the brands they have had direct interaction with, making in-store promotions more memorable than any other type of advertising. In-store promotional messaging can be an integral part of your entire marketing plan, as it can entice customers to buy more items while they are in your store and can encourage them to visit again. In-store advertising guides purchasing decisions and helps customers decide what to buy.

Successful retail promotions increase sales and can convince undecided potential customers that it's time to buy. Typical average sponsored products campaigns achieve 5% conversion rate, 1,000% ROAS, 10% ACoS, and more than 10% increase in sales. The exact number varies and depends on culture and product. In China, for example, the figure is 88%, while in Germany people are more decisive and the figure is 38%.

When buying shampoo, the number is 25%, but when choosing a beer or soda it is 60%. This means that online stores offer advertisers a very important and unique point of contact with potential customers. To take advantage of this touchpoint and help their potential consumers make the right choice, advertisers need to bring advertising budgets to the store and make sure they get the best presence. When Google invites you to advertise on its search results pages, it says, “Be there when you need your product or service”.

Google has developed and explored the ZMOT theory: the zero moment of truth. This explains the new way consumers shop. In the past, the buying process had 3 steps: stimulation, first moment of truth (in store) and second moment of truth (at home when using the product). On the contrary, the new purchasing process has 4 steps.

Between Stimulation and the First Moment of Truth (in-store), there is a long and important step called the Zero Moment of Truth when consumers research online, before going to the store. In-store promotions are any marketing or sales promotion that takes place in a traditional retail location. They are a highly effective marketing tactic designed to attract customers to your physical store and build brand or product awareness. Marketing agencies that focus on offline marketing, such as in-store promotions, are another category that can benefit from this type of advertising. While it may seem misleading that “in-store” promotions use print and online advertising, this is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your business location. The historic and unprecedented break in customer buying habits as a result of the COVID-19 crisis has served to raise promotions to a higher level of importance for traditional retailers.

Branded gifts will remind your customers of your brand and can even spark conversations about your store with others. Frequent store visits are essential because freezer space is limited due to equipment and energy costs, and stores have little, if any, inventory in the back room. Second, declining sales support at the store level is stimulating retailers' interest in manufacturers' POP programs. With an in-store event, you can draw attention to your small business and build connections with people who will become your loyal customers. Many stores prefer to set up small promotional islands with cardboard cutouts of celebrities.

This shows that you've invested too much in advertising your promotion and that it's time to reduce some of the expenses before your entire promotion becomes inefficient. Automatic feeding displays such as 7-Up single-can dispensers eliminate the need for store employees to realign shelf stock. This reduces store labor costs by facilitating shelf storage and inventory control, minimizing out-of-stock items, and reducing the required level of inventory in the warehouse. Whether you're organizing a product launch or highlighting a seasonal sale, make sure all your in-store messaging is ready and optimized before the event.

Esther Woodcock
Esther Woodcock

Esther has been in Marketing field for 15 years