Why do digital marketing agencies fail?

MORE FOR YOU · They don't sell their USP · They. Get a copy of our free eBook “Why Digital Marketing Agencies Fail” and learn even more. The agency has poor after-sales service. After closing the contract, digital marketing agencies need to monitor the quality of after-sales service.

In addition, new digital marketing agencies don't always have portfolios and customer testimonials to take advantage of. While brands continue to invest in content creation, very few brands in India focus on performance-driven content marketing. Helping customers see the measurable link between digital marketing and business goals could give your agency an advantage when the client evaluates their performance. To make sure you have what it takes to address the issues facing most digital marketing agencies, partner with a reputable white label marketing company like Dintellects.

The marketing agency model has evolved to offer experiences and even help companies transform their businesses. We usually have companies that come to us for help after having one or more unpleasant experiences with other advertising and digital marketing agencies. Growing the business can be very difficult in the early stage, especially when you don't have credibility in the market. Agencies must also be wary of the sunk cost fallacy, whereby they do not let go of processes or assets in which they have invested heavily, but will become obsolete in the future.

It would seem that with the amount of work to be done and the need for services in many industries, digital marketing agencies would struggle to fail. We have seen a massive increase in demand for “digital marketing agencies” in India over the past five years. Increasingly, customers are demanding that the marketing agencies they hire can effectively implement inbound strategies as part of their campaigns. Lack of interest, lack of interest in the product, and lack of sales skills are preventing digital marketing agencies from growing as they would like.

Interestingly, the data will tell you that in India, people are looking for a digital marketing agency even when looking for SEO or PPC services.

Esther Woodcock
Esther Woodcock

Esther has been in Marketing field for 15 years