Which Field Has the Most Job Opportunities in South Africa?

The IT, business &, administration and finance sectors are the most sought-after industries in South Africa, according to CareerJunction. These sectors are followed by sales, administration, office, support & and architecture & engineering, among others. If you're looking for opportunities in restaurant or retail management, we have selected the 5 best restaurant and store management jobs available this month. For those seeking opportunities to work in kitchens, we have also selected the 5 best chef jobs & kitchen positions available this month.

Additionally, if you're looking for opportunities to work as a service team, we have selected the 5 best service crew jobs available this month. Every organization is going digital, making IT specialists highly sought after. Software developers can work in many fields and are one of the jobs that will be in demand for the next 10 years. Cybersecurity is also a priority for South Africa, with many companies offering positions in this field. Health issues are a priority for any country, and South Africa is no exception.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the country to lose many people for many reasons, and the shortage of nursing assistants was one of them. As a result, nursing is one of the most demanded courses in South Africa. When analyzing the “rarity” factor, Adzuna discovered that the securities with the highest demand and lowest supply of skills in the country could be found in the financial sector. Financial managers and accountants are highly sought after and offer an average annual salary of R$430,564. Other high-paying jobs include specialist doctor, technical and commercial architect, oil engineer and IT manager. You can get a high-paying job if you look in the right direction based on your skills. There is no legal requirement for employment contracts in South Africa, however many companies use them.

You will need to contact the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) to have your qualifications evaluated and find out if they are recognized in South Africa. Jobs will only be opened to international workers if a South African citizen is unavailable or unable to do the job. Beyond making sure you are enrolled in social security in South Africa, which covers benefits, a South African pension and public health care in South Africa, you may want to consider taking out private coverage for certain things once you get a job. For decades, companies across South Africa have realised the importance of employing qualified language experts such as translators and linguists to expand their communication platforms beyond the African market. Proficiency in English and knowledge of Afrikaans will be enough to work in South Africa.

Esther Woodcock
Esther Woodcock

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