5 Promotional Strategies to Increase Your Brand's Visibility

Promotion strategies are the plans and tactics implemented by brands that want to promote themselves in the market and increase their sales, generate more revenue, create brand value and generate the recall of their products and their company. Types of promotional strategies include traditional and online advertising, personal sales, direct marketing, public relations and sponsorships and sales promotions. Promotion helps you draw attention to your target, create interest in your products and services, generate demands and encourage them to buy from you. One of the most obvious advantages of using social media is that they are generally free (unless you decide to invest a portion of your budget in promoting social ads) and most take less than an hour to set up.

Considering these things, there's no excuse not to try them out and see what works. Set a time frame, 3 months for example, for a trial period on a new network. Every company is different and certain social networks are better suited to you depending on your target audience. Be sure to track the success of each.

Increase your presence on working networks and discontinue the use of those that are not. Social media is easy, but there is still a right way to use it and another wrong way. Investigate and don't fall victim to common mistakes. For example, do you know how to tweet something? You might think so, but just in case, read a list of “Twitter terms” and make sure you really know how to use a hashtag.

Review the type of language used on each network and make sure you share relevant content that interests your target market. As a general rule, 90% of the content you publish should aim to share knowledge and educate. The other 10% must be about your product. Once you understand the logistics of these networks, you can be sure that you are using them to their full potential. Loot can be an effective promotional strategy if done correctly.

Start by asking what your target audience would want. Please note the size (does it fit easily in your bag?) and quality (will your logo be erased after one use?). Make sure it has a purpose and is useful. No one needs extra clutter, so get feedback before you place an order.

If 3 out of 5 people surveyed say they would throw it away, don't waste your time or your company's money. Remember that these items are personalized for your brand, so always allow enough time for the order to be created and request a proof. It is better to pay a little more attention and detect an error in the test than not to notice until a large order has been received. The use of social media as a promotional strategy is direct marketing at its best. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have more than million users who visit daily, and this makes it easier for a company to get in touch with people, even on a personal level.

Social media is a more relaxed environment to promote your product. Instead of your company “trying to sell” its products to consumers, social media allows you to get in touch with consumers in a more relaxed way. There is a wide group of potential customers and social networks allow you to connect with them easily, all of whom can see your company or business from a different perspective. An ideal factor to consider is the business presence on social media. Of course, you want to make sure you present your business exactly according to your brand.

Create content that informs your readers, those you interact with, about the product your company sells. People want to connect with those companies that are giving back to society and that provide excellent services. Therefore, many small companies, as well as electric companies, use this strategy to strengthen their customer base. To do this, you need to join a charity or an NGO. Then, you can advertise your initiative on your social networks, website and in your stores to make people aware of it and buy your products to contribute their bit to society. The most popular promotion to increase the use of a product may be the frequent flyer or user programs.

Every year, Apple targets students with approaches like the one above during back-to-school promotions. Until now, PepsiCo has been using this promotional sponsorship marketing strategy to support the NFL, and it's developing like smoke. But with so many brands offering products or services similar to yours, your promotion techniques can be decisive for many potential customers. This type of promotional strategy is quite often used by companies to make a place in the market for their newly launched product. One of the best promotion techniques is public relations which refer to the development of a positive brand image in the media. Contacting customers by phone or mail after a sale is a promotional strategy that prioritizes customer satisfaction and leaves the door open to a promotional opportunity. Being a form of native marketing, inbound marketing relies heavily on organic leads which makes your brand look more human because the methods used in this type of marketing strategy don't seem too promotional. Make sure you have an effective call-to-action anywhere you can position yourself for conversions such as on your website or digital advertising or social media platforms. Be creative when using loot as an effective promotional strategy - don't let those stress balls printed with the old logo stop you from finding ways! Test out different strategies until you find what works best for your brand.

Esther Woodcock
Esther Woodcock

Esther has been in Marketing field for 15 years