Do Brand Ambassadors Need to Pay? An Expert's Guide

No, brand ambassadors don't normally have to pay. Usually, the company or group that hires them gives them the necessary supply. Some companies that employ social media influencers as brand ambassadors may require them to purchase the product or pay for shipping before allowing them to advocate for their brand. The short answer is that brand ambassadors are paid in a variety of ways.

Some ambassadors only receive compensation with free products, while others can earn up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. Whether you're an artist, businesswoman or a website owner, brand ambassador marketing is a powerful way to attract your target audience. Let's learn a little more about it. A brand ambassador is someone who introduces your company's brand to a wider audience. Surely you've seen this trend on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Alo Yoga, for example, has established a strong community of brand ambassadors. These people have a lot of followers who promote the brand in photos and through hashtags. Naturally, this kind of brand promotion helps to attract more followers on the company profile, and then turn those people into customers. It's strong marketing without seeming aggressive, which is why it's so successful. In fact, there are two types of brand advocates that we can talk about.

You don't hire the second type of brand ambassadors. These people are also social media influencers, but they promote your brand because they're happy with it. You don't pay them, but you still provide them with something in exchange for your products or services. Treat them with a free package, for example, and leave the rest to them. In this case, they will brag about your brand only if they are happy with what they get; their good opinion can't be bought directly as it often happens with influencers.

Take Swiss beauty Karen Wazen, for instance. She rose to fame as a teenage style blogger, and since then she has been accumulating influencer marketing partnerships with luxury brands like Cartier. Her Instagram currently has more than 2 million followers, and she recently became one of the global faces of L'Oreal.

Kayla Itsines

is another great example of someone using their strong personal brand to drive another company product.

Their brand is based on personal fitness, which you would know, of course, if you use their ridiculously popular app “Sweat With Kayla” or if you're one of the more than 6 million people who follow their Instagram. Logically, Itsines often serves as a brand ambassador for sports brands; for example, when Adidas launches a new model of running shoes, they turn to Itsines as a brand advocate to promote it.

Coco & Breezy Dotson

, best known for their own brand Coco & Breezy, developed a line of sunglasses that quickly devoured themselves like Beyonce, Rihanna, Prince and more, and also punctured around town. Loved on social media for the modern and cool lifestyle they project, major brands such as Adidas, Hershey's and Jolly Ranchers have sought their representation in the hope of taking advantage of their cutting-edge market base.

The Dotson twins, like Itsines, are examples of social media influencers using their prominence to promote other brands in addition to their own product.

How To Find The Right Brand Ambassador

You need people who are extremely active on different platforms. Your brand should fit naturally into your lifestyle. If, for example, you sell baby toys, you will only contact mothers who often post pictures of their babies or content related to their daily parenting adventures.

You don't need just a photo with your product published by an influencer. Do you want them to say something about it? Even better, if you're engaging a YouTube influencer, they should engage the audience with an interesting review of your products.

What Does It Cost To Hire A Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador must know the words. They should know how to best present your brand and show how it improved their lifestyle.

If you notice popular social media users who often promote products and services, your offer is more likely to have a chance. That pretty much sums up the issue of money; some brand ambassadors are expensive. If you want a popular and crazy celebrity to promote your brand, luxury can cost you thousands of dollars. For smaller, niche brands, that kind of influencer marketing just isn't realistic.

However, if you settle for a “humbler” influencer, collaboration won't cost you as much and you'll get a lot of attention in return. Non-celebrity partnerships are usually just as effective and can even get your company's message across to an equally broad audience, partly because you'll be able to pay more ambassadors and partly because consumers can find these people more trustworthy.

What To Do After You Attract A Brand Ambassador?

Once you attract a brand ambassador, you'll need a contract. This cooperation is often strictly planned, scheduled and forecasted.

If you pay this person, they will have to promote your brand according to the terms you agree to. If you offer free packages and leave the promotion to the influencer's choice, you'll have to see exactly how they choose to promote it. You can use a tool like Brand24 to follow your brand mentions on social media. It's important to keep track of the results of your campaign.


Brand ambassador marketing is an effective way for businesses and organizations to reach new audiences without seeming aggressive or intrusive. It's also common practice for brands to offer ambassadors free or discounted products in exchange for promotion.

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