Why do marketing firms fail?

Too Much Growth at a Time Many successful companies fail simply because their growth attempts failed. This can happen if an agency tries to expand into a new market that ultimately doesn't generate profits, experiences financial problems due to too many loans, or tries to grow too soon. Get a copy of our free eBook “Why Digital Marketing Agencies Fail” and learn even more. Interestingly, the data will tell you that in India, people are looking for a digital marketing agency even when looking for SEO or PPC services.

In addition, new digital marketing agencies don't always have portfolios and customer testimonials to take advantage of. My company provides white label SEO services and software to digital marketing agencies of all sizes, new and established. Especially if you think that digital marketing agency “digital in “means you'll hang out in your pajamas all day and do everything from behind an LCD screen. The agency doesn't understand the client's marketing goals and expectations.

Even after reading the summary and talking to the client, your digital marketing agency could still misinterpret the creative concept or execution. While brands continue to invest in content creation, very few brands in India focus on performance-driven content marketing. We have seen a massive increase in demand for “digital marketing agencies” in India over the past five years. It would seem that with the amount of work to be done and the need for services in many industries, digital marketing agencies would struggle to fail.

Growing the business can be very difficult in the early stage, especially when you don't have credibility in the market. What will help your agency survive is to improve the effectiveness of its services for customers who increasingly want to know how digital marketing impacts their bottom line. Customers also appreciate the ability of digital marketing agencies to design a campaign for today, which can be a “sequel for tomorrow”. To avoid wasting your marketing money, you also need the right marketing staff, such as an analytics marketing manager.

The agency has poor after-sales service. After closing the contract, digital marketing agencies need to monitor the quality of after-sales service. The marketing agency model has evolved to offer experiences and even help companies transform their businesses. Helping customers see the measurable link between digital marketing and business goals could give your agency an advantage when the client evaluates their performance.

Esther Woodcock
Esther Woodcock

Esther has been in Marketing field for 15 years