What is an Event Marketing Job?

If you're passionate about creating events that captivate the senses and engage attendees, then you could be a great fit for an Experiential Event Manager. You'll have the opportunity to interact directly with customers and participants, and invite them to experience the brand through a product or service. An event marketer could either create and promote the event themselves or market the event to a brand. As your career progresses, you may want to diversify or try something different from the operational side of events.

Promotion consultants help brands decide when and how to promote a campaign, which could include promotional events. If you're a natural problem solver, Promotions Consultant is one of those event marketing jobs you'll excel in. Event managers keep it all together. They make sure that from start to finish, every part of the team is on track to run the event.

An event manager brings their project management skills into the ideation, planning, organization and execution of an event. These events can range from smaller events, conferences and multi-day festivals or conventions. For example, if the promotional event is a branded fashion show, the event manager may have had the initial idea, how to display the products, how many models to have, etc. The event manager will have planned safety, event staff, photography and will be the main point of contact when the day of the event arrives.

Brand managers work from the captain's seat, conducting market research, understanding demographics, strategizing, and then putting it all into motion. In the event arena, a brand manager may decide to implement a brand ambassador program, send the brand to a large event, or promote the brand through sponsorship of an event. They could monitor all of these options at once and make sure everything is up to brand standards. The PR manager is the brand's top champion. They protect and promote the brand at all times.

Your job is knowing how to help the brand represent itself in the best possible way across all channels, including events. PR managers are highly valued brand managers and can earn salaries in the six-figure range. To achieve this level of success, you'll need at least a bachelor's degree and a proven track record of success. A master's degree can also help you climb up the ranks of larger, more established brands or corporations.

Esther Woodcock
Esther Woodcock

Esther has been in Marketing field for 15 years