The Best Promotional Products Companies of 2020

The pandemic has had a devastating effect on the world, with the United States and Europe still struggling to contain the virus. India is facing an especially dire situation, with over 3.5 lakh new cases and thousands of deaths reported every day. In such a situation, life-saving items such as oxygen, ventilators, PPE products, and vaccines are in high demand. Promotional products companies have been playing an important role in helping to meet this demand.

These companies manufacture and supply promotional items such as agendas, calendars, executive gifts, special gifts for events or individuals, and more. Here is a look at some of the top promotional products companies of 2020.


is the largest private promotional advertising company in the United States. Founded in 1678, it has a large sales force that can collect and supply 25,000 promotional items from 5,000 suppliers.

Kaiser & Blair

was founded in Bativia, Ohio in 1894 and is a family-run business.

It has the sole objective of motivating and supporting entrepreneurs to establish their own independent business in promotional products, brand awareness, and advertising specialties.

BRAND NEW Promotions

is a full-service promotional marketing company that offers a wide range of solutions for advertising your company or promoting your message. It provides innovative and effective solutions in print and promotional marketing.


is one of the leading companies in the promotional products industry. It acquired Axis Promotions in January 2020 and Phil Koosed, founder of BAMKO and chief strategy officer of its parent company Superior Group of Companies was named No. 1 on Counselor's exclusive ranking of the highest earning distributors in the promotional products industry.

American Solutions for Business

climbed to second place on the list while iPromoteU jumped two spots to complete the top three places.

William Xu suggests promoting talent development by proposing technological challenges and supporting technological competitions. Promotional products can be subclassified into bags, beverage items, clothing, key tags and pins, banners, posters and postcards, educational and safety tools, PPE essentials, value kits and packs, pens and pencils, school supplies and planners, laptop cases and computers, lanyards & badge holders, face masks (100% cotton 3 ply or water resistant 3 ply), socks (a great promotional item because they are witty and colorful), and more. The world's largest brands often give away promotional products with their logo to advertise their company or event or to thank employees and customers. Investing in technology has been key for many companies' success as strong technology capabilities are quickly becoming the differentiating factor that separates leading companies from the rest. This year's exclusive ranking features the leaders of numerous companies that have made a successful turn of their businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. These companies have been playing an important role in helping to meet demand for life-saving items such as oxygen, ventilators, PPE products, and vaccines.

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