How Many Advertising Agencies Are There in South Africa?

Are you curious to know how many advertising agencies are there in South Africa? Well, the answer is 35. These include major agencies such as Ogilvy and TBWA, as well as FCB Africa, which has changed its name to Nahana Communications Group. Outdoor advertising companies such as Outdoor Network and Outsmart are also included. The Power of 9 was born in Cape Town in 2004, the same year that Facebook revitalized social media, “blog” received the Merriam-Webster word of the year award, and technology revolutionized the way brands communicate with their staff, partners, and customers.

Able to deliver tactical and strategic data through sophisticated reporting platforms, customers can realize the required return on research investment. With over 40 years of experience, companies can benefit from a truly refreshing personalized approach to research, insights, market intelligence, and mobile technology docking. Additionally, companies have spent the last 40 years developing their expertise in monitoring and analyzing their clients' competitors and their advertising strategies in order to give them an advantage in the competitive market.

Marketing agencies not only allow companies to think of appropriate strategies for marketing their products but also help them reach the crowd and force them to get the product. The employees of the advertising agency in South Africa will apply their expert knowledge to what they want to focus on. NMPi is an international digital marketing agency with offices in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and the United States. Jasvertising Solutions is a marketing agency specializing in providing excellent quality digital marketing services at an affordable price. Dragonfly Marketing is a leader in brand management & development, marketing and advertising strategy & implementation, web development and digital marketing.

Advertising agencies can specialize in a particular type of advertising or in more than one experience. Based in South Africa, a 15-person team works mainly in social media marketing, content marketing and SEO for projects. Most agencies are willing to publicly disclose approximate revenue bands for their businesses; this makes the science inaccurate but gives an indication of where the agencies are in terms of revenue. Point B Digital Marketing Partner is an advertising company headquartered in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Agencies can also specialize in specific industries or fields such as fashion, finance, technology, career-oriented business and more. Revenue bands for agency brands listed with an asterisk (*) were individually confirmed with the agency management. Their medium-sized team is located in Cape Town, South Africa and offers advertising, branding, video production and other types of marketing.

Esther Woodcock
Esther Woodcock

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