What Types of Agencies Specialize in Promotions?

Promotions, Experiential Marketing and Shopper Marketing are three types of agencies that specialize in helping businesses develop a research-based advertising and promotion campaign. SourceLink, Parago and Relevent are some of the most popular agencies that offer services such as creating databases, direct campaigns, analyzing responses, incentive and engagement solutions, sales pipeline optimization, employee rewards, consumer engagement, acquisition and retention. When it comes to marketing and advertising your business, there are several types of agencies to choose from. Market research is an important part of the equation to understand if a product, service or message will stand out for a particular audience.

Tactics such as surveys, focus groups, qualitative interviews and social media monitoring are used to capture the brains of the public and gather information. Content marketing is another type of marketing that involves creating content that serves a purpose beyond promoting a product. Examples include recipes, blog articles, tutorials or travel guides. Video marketing is a subset of content marketing that uses movies to reach consumers.

Direct marketing involves sending promotional materials directly to consumers. Personalization of marketing materials is key to differentiate from the clutter of other direct marketing materials. Grassroots marketing is another type of marketing that uses database marketing to reach consumers on a personal level.

Esther Woodcock
Esther Woodcock

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