15 Strategies to Promote Your Business and Increase Sales

In business, promotion is any communication that tries to influence people to buy products or services. Companies promote their brand, products, and services by identifying a target audience and finding ways to bring their message to that audience. Product promotion is the process by which a company uses the media at its disposal to encourage customers to buy its products. They can offer exclusive offers, discounts, and other opportunities for a limited period of time, enticing customers to buy your product or service.

A promotion strategy is a practical plan to influence people about your business, generate more leads, and drive customer engagement. Since customers often want a good deal, promoting a product can be the difference between buying a product or not. See how to carry out your marketing and communication strategy, who to target as an audience and where and when to execute the promotion plan. If you're looking for O2O marketing, consider implementing local SEO and creating a location-based service on mobile devices.

This works especially well when they are physically close to your business. By using location-based mobile marketing, you can not only attract new customers, but you can also accelerate your local business and drive O2O marketing effectively. According to a mobile coupon survey, 25% of respondents redeem coupons sent by text message in three days and 60% redeem them in one week. Many shoppers are influenced by coupons and discounts. Therefore, a mobile coupon plays a key role in consumer purchasing decisions.

There are several ways to promote your business or product. Promotion is usually composed of advertising, advertising and sales promotion. At some point, personal selling is also included. Sales promotion includes all forms of communication that are not found in advertising, advertising, and personal selling. Includes direct mail, coupons, volume discounts, samples, rebates, demonstrations, exhibitions, sweepstakes, trade concessions, displays and point-of-purchase displays.

Parks Productions is the go-to performance marketing company for brands that focus on results-based, data-driven consumer and retail engagement. Throughout our 37-year rich history, we've worked with some of the world's leading brands to create the right strategy to connect with their customers or independent retailers at every stage of the lifecycle. Whether our customers need to acquire, retain or grow their customer base, we will strategically develop the digital, interactive and in-person experiences that will find, move and maintain them. Our creative, media-neutral approach, backed by an unbeatable combination of analysis and intuition, will determine if the customer needs a reassuring and informative grip, a digital touch, a gentle push in the store, or an incentive with the arm around the shoulder to move them through the cycle. Then we'll deliver the right message, at the right time, through the right channel, and with the right voice to keep the customer engaged and focused on the brand. Keeping the conversation going, and keeping that conversation focused on our clients' brands is what makes us one of the most successful and effective customer engagement agencies in Michigan. To get started with this worthwhile strategy here are 15 sales promotion ideas accompanied by real examples and ranked by business objectives that can help you achieve. This is an interesting sales promotion to examine because although thousands of companies participate in Black Friday few participate in the same way.

This is especially effective in companies that use punch cards that incentivize customers to make multiple purchases to win a free product. Companies often create promotional calendars in digital format so that everyone on the team can access them. Whether your company owns multiple brands or partners with companies in similar or related industries you can make use of joint sales promotions. Successful companies know that sales promotions are among the most effective methods to increase sales increase customer satisfaction and increase brand awareness. Promotion companies are the driving force behind many well-known brands musicians and actors and many of the top firms earn millions of dollars a year. Some companies make their Black Friday sales within a strict 24-hour time frame while others spread them out for a whole week.

Here are 15 strategies for promoting your business or product that will help you increase sales:

  • Create promotional calendars
  • Use location-based mobile marketing
  • Offer exclusive offers
  • Send coupons via text message
  • Participate in Black Friday sales
  • Create punch cards
  • Partner with other companies
  • Use joint sales promotions
  • Create digital campaigns
  • Use social media platforms
  • Run contests & giveaways
  • Offer discounts & loyalty programs
  • Organize events & webinars
  • Develop referral programs
  • Utilize influencer marketing
These strategies will help you reach more potential customers while increasing brand awareness and loyalty. With these strategies in place you'll be able to maximize your sales potential while providing customers with an enjoyable experience.

Esther Woodcock
Esther Woodcock

Esther has been in Marketing field for 15 years